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Have you been plagued with gastrointestinal issues for far too long?  Are many of the foods you are eating making you sick? Do food and weight concerns control your life? Let Better Gut Better Health help you on the road to recovery! Get a free 10 minute consultation!

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Since I started my work w/ Maria, I no longer have any stomach pain, gas, or bloating and I am no longer constipated. The tightness in my chest and pressure is gone and I have no more reflux. I have more energy and I feel good all around. No one else could find out what was wrong with me. Maria is awesome!

–Michelle Rochester, NH

I am so grateful for the year that you took to invest in me, especially charging me on a sliding scale so that I could get the help I needed. You really bent over backwards to help me, and it was a huge support and encouragement. Thank you so much!

–Emilee, Durham, NH

Maria has been wonderful. She’s helped me with what I thought was an upset stomach, helped me diagnose my problem, and even helped me treat it! She is among the best and brightest of nutritionists. It’s been a blessing to have her in my life!